Our Amis

The National Organization for Working Communities consists of dedicated experts in development work in various fields of development concerning labor and women including peace, media, education, and community health. This collective have experience of working in countries most respected organizations. They have come together to fill the gap of much needed innovative approaches to organize workers, women and youth of marginalized working classes of Pakistan.


Working Communities

The living conditions of workers are a reflection of the government priorities. They live in squatters and slums, where civic amenities are either not present or acquired through illegal arrangements with the concerned authorities. On paper, the governments are committed to provide better living conditions to all its citizens, but the laws and policies usually put on paper are weak when it comes to on-ground implementation. These working communities also suffer due to total absence of any other development initiatives from the government. There are very few government schools collages, vocational and skill training centers, hospitals, and parks and play grounds present in such working communities.


Working communities are also affected by the ongoing internal and external migration. These internal and external migrants live in pockets within the working communities spread all over the industrial cities ofPakistan. Migrant workers are more vulnerable than the local workers; there presence, however, weakens the bargaining power of local workers. The situation is in favor of employers and other privileged sections ofthe society, and the statistics on the widening gap between the poor and the rich support this argument. Therefore, there is a need to address the issues of workers not only as workers but also as inhabitants ofthe country.


Way Forward

Extinction of trade union from within the communities and other organizational efforts also demand that the labor issues should be addressed at the level of the communities. History also shows that whenever labor movement is organized from the communities it achieves better results as against restricting itself in plant-based trade unionism.


Development means positive change. To accelerate the pace of development, community mobilization, organization, and research-based advocacy is needed in developing countries. There are not many organizations that are working on the issues of working communities. Absence of local organizations to combat poverty pushes the poor in the working communities to become an instrument of terrorism and destruction.


Keeping the above situation in view, a group of concerned Pakistanis have decided to initiate an organization that will specifically work within the working communities with the following goal and objectives.


The initiatives should not only provide research, education, and training, but also use the research and education inputs to organize and campaign for the rights of workers as workers but also as members of the community.



To have a society free from discrimination against caste, creed, race, religion, age, and sex, where working people could achieve human dignity.



To have a community-based labor organization that will be responsible to built confidence in the working communities to raise their issues related to labor, community, status of women in the society, sexual division of labor, child labor and peace through research, education, and advocacy.



■   To Promote Peace in the Country.

■   To Mobilize and Organize vulnerable Working Communities.

■   Capacity Building of the Community-based Labour Organizations.

■   To Promote Democratic Culture and strengthen Democratic Institutions.

■   To Advocate equal Rights for Non-Muslims Pakistanies.



To obtain the above-mentioned objective, we carry out the following activities:

  Focused group discussions in communities.

  Action-oriented research.

  Capacity-building educational workshops and seminars.

  Formation of women and youth groups on women and labor issues.

  Rallies and marches to highlight the issues of working communities.

  Referral to other organizations on family law and health-related issues.

  Networking among the organizations working on labor issues.



Priority Area

Human Righs: Peace, Women, minorities and labor rights including organization of women workers in the informal sector, home-based, domestic workers, peasant women workers, sexual harassment at workplace and child labor peace.

Governance in special reference with labor and empowerment of women. Highlighting the issues of workers through the media.


Geographical Area

Mainly industrial cities of Pakistan especially cities and villages that have a presence of labor and peasant organizations .