Project Details


NOW Communities under its project “Women’s Action for Better Workplaces (WAction)” is aiming to enhance capacities of women workers and their organizations to negotiate and advocate with employers, policy-makers and legislators for improved working conditions for women. Five cross sectoral alliances have been established in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad to take up issues with concerned authorities.

Domestic and international law standards demand that special consideration is awarded to women to cater to their specific needs at work places. In order to facilitate, ensure and recognize their active economic participation it is imperative to foster and bridge existing communication gaps. Women Workers Alliances have collectively identified and prioritized their issues. The role of the political parties is crucial in steering these efforts towards positive results and therefore, we want to set up a formal meeting with the intention of highlighting issues faced by working women and search for available solutions and remedies.

Project Objective:

WAction (Women’s action for Better workplaces) is project, is one such initiative which will help working women to organize and resolve their issue in a sustainable manner. the projects is implemented by TDEA-FAFEN under the supervision of Partner organization NOW-Communities in Karachi, along all capital cities of Pakistan ( Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar), which cumulative host one seventh of Pakistan's population and more than half of women workplaces in the formal sectors of economy-public, private, industrial and entrepreneurship.

Women workers in formal sectors are less in numbers and suffer from inequalities in terms of treatment wages and professional growth, as well also suffer from workplace harassment and patriarchal mindset rampant at home and their workplaces.

This project is about:

1. Enhancing capacities of Women Workers and their alliances to negotiate and advocate with employers, policy-makers and legislators for legislative and administrative improvements in working conditions.
2. Parliament and Provincial Assemblies take up recommendations towards improved legislative framework for safe workplaces and use and enforcement of existing policies and laws to protect women's rights as workers.
3. Greater awareness and action among women workers, their employers and the public about the rights of women workers and changes necessary to create a more enabling.