The assembly is a landmark in the history of unionization

National Organization for Working Communities – NOWCommunities, under the project ‘Women’s Voice and Leadership – Pakistan”, working with the All Lady Health Worker Programme Union – ALPU organized the assembly of lady health workers, civil society organizations, and trade unions along with the oath-taking of the newly elected executive committee of the union for the period 2023-2025. The assembly is a landmark in the history of unionization, especially the organization of women workers as this union is the largest union of women workers in Pakistan as Mr Karamat Ali, veteran labour leader and trade unionist took the oath. This serves as a step towards democratic practices and value addition to the process of empowerment and facilitation of leadership for women in Pakistan. As well as this union has set an example for fellow trade unions. The assembly was attended by the representatives of the health department, labour department, labour leaders, trade unionists, journalists, human rights and women rights activists, and the affiliates of international unions. The program was attended by the members of the union from all across the province. Oxfam in Pakistan @oxfampk @unwomen International Labour Organization – Pakistan