The assembly is a landmark in the history of unionization

The union also announced its first elections of the executive council

Pakistan” is working to facilitate the All Lady Health Worker Programme Union

The meeting was attended by the senior representatives of LHWP

The camp was visited by the team of WVL-P

16 days of Activism posts

Special thanks to Sindh Community Foundation and the social mobilizer Ms Zubaida

Ms Iqra Gulzar (GLPier) facilitated the students in the formulation

5th capacity-strengthening workshop

The objective of explain the concept and types of power

Presented Gender Analysis of their department

Department of Economics University of Sindh, Jamshoro

4th capacity-strengthening workshop

Gender Issues and Gender Analysis to enhance their understanding

Enhance their ability to design women-focused intervention

NOWCommunities conducted its second capacity-strengthening workshop

NOWCommunities is engaging with young women from universities

The institutionalization of the Gender Leadership Program

Project “Women’s Voice and Leadership – Pakistan (WVL-P)

All Lady Health Worker Programme Union

labour leaders and representatives of labour organizations

The Institutionalization of Gender Leadership program

FEM Consortia Material


Women’s Voice and Leadership – Pakistan

Lady Health Worker Programme

ALPU to improve the leadership skills of LHWs Trade Union

3-Day Advance Training of Trainers for the Enhancement of Leadership Skills


Consultation on ILO Conventions