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In a class-based society like Pakistan, where there is little room for the working class, it is necessary to have organizations that are committed to the causes of people who work in factories, farms, and mines,

The commitment of National Organization for Working Communities (NOWCommunities) was founded in 2007 - though it was formally registered with the Sindh Government in January 2008 - by a team of dedicated experts in development sector who were already working in various fields concerning labour, women, peace, minorities, media, education, and community health.

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Recent Activity

Faryal Shaikh from the Federal Ombudsman visited the NOWCommunities in Karachi.

On December 21st, 2021, Ms. Faryal Shaikh, the Registrar at the office of the Federal Ombudsman (FOSPAH), Regional Office Karachi. visited our office for a meeting. In the meeting, the issue of Sexual Harassment against Women and Girls in society has been brought under discussion bilaterally. Furthermore, the data that has been collected under the project EWAM, was shared with Ms. Shaikh. The meeting concluded that there is a need for partnership between the office of Federal Ombudsmen and local institutes such as NOWCommunities. In the end, Ms. Shaikh was presented with the publications of NOWCommunities.


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